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Using a Virtual Kitchen Designer to Create Your Dream Kitchen

The prospect of building your kitchen is intriguing, but seeing a complete picture before final installation may seem impossible – until now. 

With an interactive kitchen design tool, you can see the future of your kitchen. It allows you to design your plan and eliminates the guessing about how your finished kitchen will look. Try out all the best styles before implementing and save time and money in the process. 

What is a virtual kitchen remodel design tool?

Whether you're planning a complete makeover or simply some cosmetic changes to your kitchen, a virtual kitchen remodel design tool makes rendering, renovation, and remodeling a breeze. 

A kitchen design tool takes the uncertainty out of the process by allowing you to see how your kitchen will look in real-time as you make changes.

Virtual kitchen remodeling design tools can provide an exact layout, along with a 3D rendering of the kitchen scale for proper replication. When coupled with a professional designer, a virtual design tool allows you to determine your likes and dislikes while rendering a realistic kitchen and workable numbers and measurements. 

Skipp's virtual kitchen remodel design tool is one of the very few affordable options that start by 3D scanning your home along with more measurements and technology. As a result, we can offer a comprehensive kitchen layout while providing a new layout plan and kitchen with detailed costs by utilizing all three. In addition, the software allows for professionally curated designs and hundreds of brands for a fully custom kitchen.

What are the different ways to plan a kitchen remodel?

The oldest kitchen remodeling method requires a pencil and paper to sketch the old kitchen and then the new kitchen. Hiring a professional designer allows people to get a custom plan with expertise and experience. With the advent of computers and software, people can now plan their remodels virtually. 

A skilled designer can help you save time and money by preventing problems before they arise. Kitchen planners know all the ins and outs of the industry, including how to maximize storage, make cost-effective decisions, and even who the finest local contractors are for the task.

What are the advantages of a virtual kitchen remodel design tool over traditional planning?

Virtual tools allow you the option to see your kitchen before you make any costly decisions. With this option, you can play around with all the options for a visual before purchase. Think of it as a 'try before you buy' with photo-realistic images to determine if you achieved the desired effect in your kitchen. 

Virtual renovation and remodeling allow you to envision and renovate a house from start to finish without the time and resources required for a real-world renovation. Modifications to structural aspects like flooring, walls, paint changes, kitchen remodels, drywall or ceiling updates, backyard renovations, and more are all included in the virtual renovation and remodeling process. You can try out different styles, colors, materials, and appliances, too, all to ensure you get the exact look you want. 

Before renovating, you can determine costs and functions before implementing a design. Make revisions needed without additional costs. The ability to visually design your kitchen can make the remodeling process more enjoyable. Experiment with a variety of layouts before committing to anything. 

You're only a few clicks away from designing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Use a virtual design tool to experiment and imagine basic modifications, such as a new color scheme to match a current trend, or to see if brass fittings would look better than nickel fixtures.

Why should I use a virtual kitchen design tool to plan my kitchen remodel?

You can employ an interior designer at a low cost when using a virtual room designer. They don't need to come to your house to employ their talents; they can work from the comfort of their own office. You save money this way, which you can use for your kitchen remodel.

It is not every day that you can tell which design will suit your kitchen best. Not everyone can determine what type of design will work best for them. They will require assistance and will be able to determine what is best for them by examining already tested designs. 

If you make the wrong decision, you can end up with a kitchen you don't like. As a result, the design style you choose should be tried and true. You do not have to be concerned about making a mistake when using a virtual room designer. 

You have complete freedom to create as many designs as you want. You can test out all of the colors you're considering to make sure you pick the ideal one. You may move your furniture about with the touch of a button to see if it fits. Overall, the amount of choice you have when using a virtual room designer is limitless. It provides you the freedom and time to choose the type of kitchen design you want.

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, using a virtual design tool will save you time while still producing a quality result. Because the majority of the work is done online, contractors and designers will be able to complete the project quickly when they arrive to make the revisions. 

Moreover, when you use a virtual design tool, you get free access to materials that you didn't have before. Therefore, it is more useful if you are a DIY enthusiast because it offers you the tools to be more creative.

Finally, designer software often organizes options by styles and other useful filters. One common problem people find intimidating in design is the vast majority of options. At Skipp, we use a virtual design tool and a professional designer to make the process less overwhelming. They will consider your tastes and figure out what you want but cannot verbalize. 

What is necessary to include in a kitchen remodel plan?

The first step in a kitchen remodel is planning and figuring out what you want, including layout. 

Virtual design tools help with this step. In step two, plan your budget and timeline. Step three involves lining up contractors and designers. 

The demolition comes next as no kitchen can be renovated without taking the old kitchen out. You will need professional inspections along the way as well. 

Next comes the assembly of all the parts of the kitchen. Along with assembly includes configuring plumbing, electrical, windows, walls, painting, flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, hardware, and backsplash. 

You will also need to figure out an alternative kitchen during the renovation process. A design professional will help to reduce the work you need to do as they will do all the planning, purchasing, hiring contractors, all after helping you envision the kitchen of your dreams and creating an accurate and affordable design. 

Why is it important to have a strong kitchen remodel plan?

A strong kitchen remodel plan will prevent dissatisfaction with your future kitchen as it allows you to plan every step and decision. Most importantly, the right layout can improve the kitchen's functionality, which takes place in planning.

Another major benefit of a strong kitchen remodel plan is that it can increase your home's sell-ability. Kitchens are a major investment with a high return for homeowners that will pay for themselves when you sell. 

Kitchen remodels cost thousands of dollars, and a strong remodel plan prevents the money from being wasted. The right plan can even make your home more water and energy-efficient as well. Also, you will increase the storage space, comfort, and functionality of the kitchen to help your day-to-day life flow easier.

What is the best virtual kitchen remodel design tool?

Skipp's kitchen remodel design tool makes the remodeling process easier and reduces stress. Our unique system takes a physical 3D scan of your home to get exact measurements. With our proprietary technology, we can present you with solutions that best match your demands and the unique characteristics of your area, with expenses predicted in advance. 

We also use our technology to speed up the creation of visualizations, design, and construction documentation, which would take a third-party architect roughly 70 hours to complete. This capability allows for unprecedented transparency and quickness. You will also save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

How does Skipp create a virtual design of my kitchen remodel?

We start with a 3D scan done by a professional surveyor, including important details such as the placement of windows, gas lines, electrical outlets, and much more. Once the imaging is in our software, we can provide all the options to design a kitchen with over 700 permutations to narrow down the options to your preferences. Additionally, we consider budget, storage needs, style, and many other factors using highly curated designs from designers, architects, brands, and vendors. 


Because many families spend the majority of their time together in the kitchen, it is perhaps the most important room in the house. The major benefits of choosing a virtual room designer are obvious. It will make the remodeling of your kitchen go as smoothly as possible while providing you with the chance to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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