How To Design Kitchen Cabinets: Plan & Design Custom Cabinetry


A Guide to Custom Cabinetry Design

The kitchen is frequently regarded as the most crucial area in your house. It gives you a place to generate fuel for your household. In addition, it is frequently the location where your entire family congregates regularly. Because the kitchen is so important, it is crucial to get the greatest kitchen cabinets you can for your space. Find out everything you need to know about designing a quality kitchen cabinet layout to make the best decision for your home.

How do you design kitchen cabinets?

New technology brings about options to design your kitchen and cabinetry with software made for design purposes. These tools can help create a layout with exact measurements of your home. Measuring takes a significant portion of cabinets' planning and design stages in a kitchen. 

Next, you will need to determine the placement of cabinets which the software can help with, along with the height and width. Placement, even with software, will take trial and error to find what works within the space and for your tastes. You will also need to take into account the other elements in the kitchen, such as outlets, appliances, doors, etc. 

Many people like to research cabinetry to find the items that fit their functional and design needs. However, you will also need to determine the budget and find options within your price range. Now you can move on to a scheme by finding options that work for your color, material, storage, shelves, and other choices.

How do you plan for new kitchen cabinets?

Online tools help plan kitchen cabinets. Most large home improvement retailers and major furniture and design companies offer online services. You can explore visual styles or construct a 3D model of your kitchen to visualize your design. Some are free, while some cost money, so chooses wisely. 

After choosing a design resource, measure your kitchen's four walls and floor. Next, create a functional work triangle by arranging the stove, sink, and refrigerator. Next, use the software and a designer to avoid reconfiguring plumbing, electrical, and gas fittings and keep appliances near them; after choosing a layout, plan and build your new kitchen cabinets. Most applications will give you a design estimate, and planning should not force you to buy anything so that you can try everything.

What are the different types of kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets are divided into partial overlay, full overlay, and inset. Each phrase refers to the cabinet door or drawer placement on or within the cabinet frame. The three cabinet kinds also represent various budgets and aesthetics.

Partial overlay cabinets are also known as standard or traditional as they are the most common options. The door only partially covers the cabinet face frame, exposing huge parts of the frame.

Full overlay cabinets are where the doors and drawer fronts almost entirely cover the cabinet face. Full-overlay cabinetry is more expensive than partial overlay cabinetry because more material is utilized in the manufacturing process.

Inset cabinetry door and drawer fronts are flush with the frame and sit inside the cabinet frame openings. Due to the high level of craftsmanship and varied hardware required to construct, the flush panel is the most expensive cabinet door choice.

Within these three main categories, you will find smaller categories:

  • Shaker cabinets use five pieces of flat panels to create a frame over the main panel. 
  • Louvered cabinets use horizontal slats like outdoor shutters.  
  • Raised panels are similar to shaker but with the inner panel raised as well and are a popular standard choice. 
  • Flat-panel cabinets are simple with a minimalist flat design with hardware as the focal point. 
  • Glass-front cabinets feature framed glass for additional visibility. 
  • Bead-board offers rows of vertical indented or ridged planks for a country aesthetic.
  • Semi-custom cabinets allow for choices on stock cabinets for customization. 
  • Custom cabinets allow complete creative license to create the exact look you want - for the right price. 

Should you hire a professional to design custom kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are essential to a kitchen and the right choice and improve the room and make it feel like home. While it seems simple enough to plan cabinets, many steps involved require serious attention to detail. In addition, choosing and installing cabinets yourself looks affordable, but the costs add up rapidly. 

Buying or renting cabinetry tools is costly and time-consuming. Also, cabinets are heavy and awkward, making them a challenging home project. Add in the chance of accidents that can damage you or your cabinetry. A pro has the tools and experience to avoid mistakes. 

Kitchen designers and cabinetmakers will help you choose the proper goods and materials to make the most of your investment. In addition, a skilled kitchen designer can provide several resources and years of experience to help you achieve a gorgeous and functional kitchen. Essentially, the experts can do the job better and faster for less money. 

Which kitchen cabinet layout is the most functional?

L-shaped kitchens are popular because they are utilitarian and can fit almost any space. With an L-shaped layout, you can have cabinetry and appliances along two neighboring walls, forming a triangle path between work zones. An L-shaped kitchen rarely forces people to walk through and offers tons of room for additional cooks. A central island can help optimize this plan if the room is spacious.

How does Skipp design kitchen cabinets?

Skipp makes kitchen upgrades, including cabinets, easy. In four simple stages, our company can assist you in changing your kitchen cabinets for less. Begin with an in-person assessment followed by customized layouts focused on your budget and preferences using our targeted software. Furthermore, we collaborate with a designer to create your space and benefit from streamlined construction.

We make the process easy and economical so you may have your dream kitchen. Answer a few questions to get your dream kitchen with cabinets that suit your style. We understand kitchen cabinets can change your home and make it fit your style and comfort level. We are ready to assist you in making your kitchen the focal point of your house.


Kitchens are family rooms utilized for cooking, entertaining, dining, work, and even lounging, making them one of the home's most important rooms. As a result, meticulous planning is essential from the start, and why a kitchen designer with the right resources and software is so important to allow your home to operate the way you want. Skipp is ready to help you design your dream kitchen step-by-step and make the process easier and manageable.

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