Discover Kim Raver’s Kitchen Remodel in New York City

Written by: Hina Khan // Edited by: Terez Turner  
Photographer: Kate S. Jordan // Stylist: Beth Clevenstine

Actress Kim Raver might be best known for her role as Dr. Teddy Altman from the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, but behind the scenes, she’s also known for her razor-sharp design sensibilities when it comes to home renovation. To date, Kim has more than fourteen renovation projects under her belt, so she has developed a keen eye to see the potential of a space when remodeling homes.

For her latest project, Kim wanted to be very hands-on with the renovation project but had filming conflicts. By using Skipp, she was able to streamline the process in between takes on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. We teamed up with Boxi by Semihandmade to transform this cozy East Village apartment and created a more expansive environment that would be a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. We launched the project with a modern and unique kitchen remodel, which was the focal point of the apartment.

With every project, we start by scanning the client’s home using the groundbreaking equipment and technology from our partners at Matterport. Above, you can see the initial view of the kitchen with halo circles — this is where Matterport cameras are placed to capture the space. We use content from Matterport cameras to create hyper-realistic 3D renderings for all our clients, including Kim Raver. This technology also allows us to prepare for all what-if scenarios, so we can already anticipate structural issues prior to “breaking ground,” and provide accurate measurements for contractors, architects, and interior designers.

Once Kim’s apartment was captured using Matterport technology, our talented design and architecture team uses their own expertise and our proprietary technology to create hyper realistic renderings based on the design preferences that Kim selected on the design quiz before starting the project. We knew that Kim wanted to use Boxi’s Mushroom Shaker cabinets, and that helped inform our design decisions.

As a native New Yorker, Kim wanted to bring in elements from the city, which included a stunning floral mural from an emerging artist. At the same time, she wanted to create a serene environment, so we worked with a neutral color palette and warm-toned decor elements, such as bar stools with caramel-colored cushions. Once design decisions were finalized, we created construction documents that would guide contractors on the final build of the design. On occasion, Kim was able to stop in and see the progress of the kitchen renovation.

The renovation of this New York City apartment was completed in record time, in part due to the comprehensive documents that Skipp details for every kitchen renovation project. In addition, Skipp’s ability to source materials from our various brand partners allowed us to meet scheduling benchmarks and finish on time.

The results are stunning — the former kitchen appeared dark and crammed, in contrast to the renovated kitchen, which has an expansive and airy feel throughout. We worked with a light color palette to reflect the natural light streaming in from the windows, and added eye-catching pendants above the kitchen island to illuminate the kitchen during darker hours. The stone countertops perfectly complement the Boxi cabinets, and they make the entire kitchen renovation look both contemporary and timeless.

We were thrilled with the results, and so was Kim! We’re looking forward to teaming up with her for future renovation projects, so stay tuned.

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