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12 Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas: Accessories & More

How do you accessorize kitchen countertops on a budget?

Making your kitchen magazine-worthy does not require a massive budget. You can use many of the items you already own to serve design and functionality,  which is key to beautifully-accessorized countertops on a budget. 

One very affordable step you can take is to choose white accessories or accessories in another muted color option. Simple palettes add sophistication, but can also work with any kitchen style. Choosing accessories that are versatile will allow you to play around with the look and feel of your kitchen until it suits you perfectly. 

Next, start shopping at affordable stores with tons of options where you can stay on a tight budget. With a little work and some savvy, you can find pieces you love that function in the kitchen, while improving the ambiance. Stick to practical items that serve a function in the kitchen besides as decoration, because this will be the best bang for your buck.

Start opening your cabinets and find out what kinds of secrets you have stored inside. For example, a punch bowl can serve as a fruit bowl, which will brighten the kitchen counter. Additionally, gifted pieces and even those purchased long ago can adorn the counters without any additional costs. 

Lastly, consider hanging floating shelves, as they are not only affordable, but also add tons of smart storage. Once installed on the walls, floating  shelves can display your glasses, dishes, plants, or bakeware, instantly dressing your kitchen up to a new level.

What are some practical kitchen counter accessories?

The goal for a practical kitchen is to use accessories that serve both decorative and functional purposes. 

For example, bowls are another practical way to accessorize kitchen counters to hold fruit for some natural decor. Even a breadbox can protect food by adding some decoration to an empty counter. 

A kitchen scale adds a timeless feel to the home and can help to weigh food or fresh fruit and vegetables. 

The options are endless, as you can store herb plants on the counter for easy access and add flavor to your meals. 

Stand mixers are ready to whip mash potatoes. A cake will add a little pizzazz to the counters. 

Next, condiment canisters or jars come in various shapes, styles, and sizes, ready to enhance the kitchen with function. 

The right coffee maker can make your home look like a cafe, while fueling your mornings. 

Another addition you can consider is a cookbook stand; the piece will add practical storage for cookbooks and enhance the room. 

If you want to splurge a little, treat yourself to higher-end countertop appliances with built-in beauty, to help make your kitchen beautiful and functional. 

Beautiful wood cutting boards can take up very little space against the back of the counter while staying within reach for food prep. 

Finally, a cake stand can hold fresh desserts for some simple and useful decor. 

Which accessories make a kitchen countertop stylish?

Useful items with a little style can improve the room instantly, including fruit bowls, bread boxes, jars, and even beautiful jarred goods like jams. Creating an inviting kitchen does not take many accessories, as minimizing the clutter can help to improve the ambiance. Start with something simple like a few cutting boards in various sizes stacked together and see the change the wood boards bring. 

Canisters can make a kitchen stylish too, while adding function, as they can hold coffee, rice, oatmeal, pasta, and so much more, while turning your food into the decor. Next, a knife block adds to both the decor and practicality of a kitchen and saves on precious drawer space. No kitchen is complete without a jar to hold utensils, while also allowing for easy access for cooking. 

Last of all, fresh or fake plants and food make the perfect addition to a counter. Plants with a simple pot or vase can upgrade a kitchen instantly, as can a bowl of fake (yet realistic) lemons, or an assortment of fruits. 

Which appliances are necessary for a kitchen countertop?

Everyone cooks differently, but several countertop appliances can fit well in most kitchens. 

First, anyone who bakes or makes mashed potatoes, meatloaf, or other foods that require a lot of mixing, needs a kitchen stand mixer. Stand mixers add style and so much function with accessories, including making ice cream, pasta, slicing veggies, grating cheese, and grinding meat. 

Second, an air fryer is a must-have for those who want to eat healthy. Not only does this device cook foods with less fatty oils, but cooks them quickly, too. You can reheat leftovers in the air fryer, too, like pizza, or even frozen foods, like mozzarella sticks, for a fun treat. 

A multi-cooker like an electric pressure cooker should be on the counter, too. For lazy days, these cookers can slow cook, steam, roast, bake, and more, making them essential. Some brands even include an air fry setting that is perfect for those with less counter space. 

Blenders are another necessity for your countertop. They make more than just smoothies, and many blenders can double as  food processors and can even help make soups or salsas. 

Last, but certainly not least, every kitchen needs a coffee maker. Coffee makers are a great addition to a kitchen, as they offer instant coffee, at a much more pleasing price per cup than your local cafes. It’s up to you if you want a Keurig, drip coffee maker, Nespresso, or a machine capable of making espressos or lattes. Morning just does not work, without coffee!

Which accessories do kitchen designers and stylists usually prefer?

Most kitchen designers and stylists prefer the basic necessities for their kitchen counters listed above. More importantly, they focus on high-quality options that make their kitchens inviting  to prepare meals in. Cutting boards are a standard, as are a variety of glass or bamboo bowls, and plants. 

How often do homeowners re-accessorize their kitchens?

Most homeowners re-accessorize their kitchens in stages. As items break or fall apart, people replace them, which can lead to larger changes in the kitchen. Also, when brands release more appealing styles, customers may find themselves drawn to revamping their kitchens.

Having a larger budget can encourage people to give their kitchen counters an overhaul as well. Many people with their first homes start out with low-end accessories, and with bigger budgets, they can upgrade. But, again, this is often done over time or when inspiration hits. 

Finally, when the kitchen starts to become dreary,  inspiration can also cause a change of accessories. Many owners will look one day and realize their kitchens need a spark of imagination, leading them to make many changes. As everyone has a different budget or need, the styles for re-accessorizing are totally up to the owner. 

What are the best seasonal accessories for kitchen countertops?

Decorating your kitchen for different seasons can bring life to your home. In the spring, choose pastel floral hand towels, bowls, and tablecloths. For summer, add a little bit of color with fresh plants and seasonal fruit. Fall brings options for leaves in various colors, long branches in a vase, and pumpkins. 

Christmas is the best time to decorate by filling a fruit bowl with vintage ornaments. Then, change up the linens to reds and greens, and bring out your holiday dishes. Many people like to keep four sets of dishes for each time of year for a slight change every quarter. Also, you can use a chalkboard if you are artistic, to draw or write seasonal messages or even keep a grocery list. The options are endless, and a fabulous way for you to become creative. 

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