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English Modern Kitchen Design: Tips & Style Guidelines

What is an English style kitchen?

An English style kitchen is also known as a Traditional Georgian style kitchen. English style kitchens were originally built in homes between the years of 1714 and 1830. Since they were often located in the basement away from the view of guests and used by servants, English style kitchens are known to be designed thoughtfully with a main focus on functionality. An English style kitchen is a functional kitchen that makes cooking efficient and without obstacles. Additionally, as mentioned before, since the kitchen was never in view of guests, the color scheme was usually quite plain and the design features were modest, if any. Some of the characteristics of the traditional English style kitchen that was used in the 18th and 19th centuries are still used today, however, the modern English style kitchen comes with some of its own flare that would set it apart from the kitchens of old. Here are a few of the ways to remain true to the most traditional features of an English style kitchen.

  1. Material selection: For all the materials used, cabinets, countertops, and hardware, keep away from bright, shiny, and bold colored materials. Counters should be either stone or marble with a low-luster polish and a more neutral color. Wood countertops are good in some areas as well. All wood, whether countertops or cabinets should have low-luster stains and finishes. 
  2. Color scheme: Traditional English style kitchens always used natural pigments and were painted by hand with a single brush. Try to maintain more neutral colors, and for the cabinets, if painted, avoid sprayed paints or factory finishes.
  3. Function is key: The kitchen should be designed for efficient cooking by situating the most used kitchen appliances conveniently within one another. Also, if there may be more than one chef at a time, the placement of appliances coupled with the use of space will be critical. 
  4. Cabinets as furniture: Instead of going with the typical upper cabinets and below counter cabinets, consider a hutch. Also, a cabinet that is a stand-alone piece can double as a cabinet and as an additional work surface or surface for a smaller kitchen appliance. 
  5. Kitchen islands: A large center kitchen island is almost an absolute must for an English style kitchen. The center kitchen island can serve as a large work area for extensive food preparation. The center kitchen island can either be installed into the flooring with cabinets and drawers beneath, or it can be a mobile kitchen island that can be moved around the room to better serve the function of the meal being prepared. 

Although modern English-style kitchens may have some additional features, if you are looking to keep to tradition as much as possible, these five features are an absolute must. 


What is the standard for a modern kitchen?

One might think that a modern kitchen design would clash with a more traditional English-style kitchen, however, there is actually a bit more overlap than you may think. Here are some of the standards of a modern kitchen where some may overlap with an English-style kitchen and some may not. 

  1. Flat-panel door and frameless overlay cabinets: A flat panel door style lacks ornate carvings or added contours and depth. A frameless full overlay cabinet means that the door overlays the entire cabinet box with no frame, giving a sleek and modern look. 
  2. Use of natural materials: The more natural materials look, for example, grained woods and veined marble, the better. 
  3. Simple hardware: Hardware should be sleek and simple and devoid of ornate features or polished brass. 
  4. No ornamentation: All the wood, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and walls should be absent of complicated designs, textures, and colors. 
  5. Industrial features: Industrial features like exposed ventilation, modern light fixtures, and concrete walls can add a distinctive look to a kitchen that can help complete the modern kitchen feel. 

As these may be some of the most common features of a modern kitchen, you may be able to identify in some ways where the components of a modern kitchen overlap with the components of an English-style kitchen. 


How can you make an English modern kitchen?

As mentioned before, many of the features of an English style and modern kitchen already overlap. The use of natural-looking materials and basic color schemes that lack ornate designs and complex patterns, coupled with simple hardware, are already ways an English-style kitchen can be modern. Aside from that overlap, there can be some additional modern features that you can add to an English-style kitchen that can make a creative modern twist to a mostly English-style kitchen. For example, you can be as creative with the lighting fixtures as you would like within the framework of the English-style kitchen. Under the cabinet and/or counter accent lights and spotlighting, pendant lighting, and recessed lighting, are all just a few examples of modern style light fixtures you can add to an English style kitchen. Additionally, the cement wall and exposed ventilation modern feature could also couple nicely within an English-style kitchen. 

What appliances make an English kitchen modern?

When it comes to appliances, it may be a little more difficult to find the balance between the modern, the technologically advanced, and the English styles, however, some people have been working on some creative ways to do so. First, the extractor hood above the range and oven. Extractor hoods can add a modern look to a traditional-looking kitchen by the material, the shape, and its texture. An extractor hood can add an interruption to the flowing aesthetic of an English-style kitchen, and when done properly, is a modern feature that adds style and sleekness. Second, concealed appliances behind English-style cabinetry can prove to create an English Kitchen modern look. Last, appliances in drawers. Adding a wine cooler to a pull-out drawer in the center kitchen island is a modern twist that can mesh well with keeping the overall aesthetic of the English style. 


What finishes and accents make an English kitchen modern?

There are a few different approaches a homeowner can take when it comes to finishes and accents within the modern English-style kitchen framework.  Just a few examples may include the modern farmhouse style, french country style, all-white kitchen finish, dark/black kitchen accent, two-tone accent with two different natural colors, or possibly including an accent wall. An accent wall made from wooden frames, or forms, then filled in with cement, is another accent that could work within the framework of a modern English-style kitchen. 

Will English modern kitchens be on-trend?

Yes, English-style kitchens have already been popular among many homeowners either building new homes or renovating the kitchens of older homes. People have enjoyed the functionality, the simplicity, and the overall look of English-style kitchens for some time now. By implementing the main characteristics of the English-style kitchen and mixing in some of the more statement-making design features of the modern kitchen design, the mash-up of two will for sure be on the trend in 2022 and possibly beyond. 

How does Skipp help create a modern twist on an English-style kitchen?

Skipp can take any style kitchen and customize it with your space and specific design requests. At Skipp you work with professional designers to bring your vision to life with their know-how. Skipp helps homeowners create spaces they love. From the design process to the finished product, Skipp can make the remodel process easier and cheaper too. First, we’ll send a professional surveyor to capture a 3D scan of your home and gather all measurements. Next, Skipp will help you create a customized plan based on your needs. Three layouts can be provided with costs so that you can pick the one you like the best. Once you select a layout, we can move onto the design. During the design process you can take advantage of access to hundreds of brands and one on one support. Last, is time to get construction documents ready. Skipp provides contractors with everything they need for a smooth and precise renovation process. Plans can also be used to obtain any necessary permits. With close relationships with top-rated contractors, Skipp offers an average savings of 40%. At Skipp, a complete kitchen remodel can be budget-friendly, fund, and rewarding for years to come. 

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