Country Kitchen Design Tips, Ideas & FAQs


Learn the design aspects of a country-style kitchen

Country kitchens are in style because they create a warm and inviting space for family and friends. Country kitchens function to create a cozy environments that becomebecomes the home's focal point. With a country-style kitchen, you welcome love, laughter, memories, and good cooking. 

What is country kitchen style?

A country kitchen focuses on muted colors with touches of nature and floral patterns. Many country-style kitchens center around simplistic beauty with a functional design. Create a warm environment in your kitchen with natural materials and tailored craftsmanship. 

Simple colors create a soft and cozy palette, but intricate details on high-quality materials, especially with a slightly rustic appearance, are the pinnacle of this style. 

Carry the country theme forward with coordinating appliances like an old-fashioned porcelain sink for style and function. Center the design around exposed wood, like maple, oak, cherry, or pine cabinets and chairs with carved details. 

Add in some fabric details like gingham, toile, and plaid for a pastoral or farming touch. Keep decor pieces that remind visitors of farming life like mason jars, quaint storage, and historical charm. 

What are the typical design traits of a country kitchen?

The major design traits of a country kitchen include:

Intricate Wood Furniture - Wood should dominate the kitchen, with rustic wood counters on the island and intricate wood-carved furniture. 

Muted Colors - Use muted tones on the walls, and for decor, avoiding large pops of color, for a cohesive appearance. 

Antiques for Storage - Antiques should not only add to the charm but also to the decor. Find pieces that serve a purpose, like holding fresh fruit or utensils. 

Decorative Clutter - One of the charms of a country kitchen is using kitchen items as decoration. Focus on wood cutting boards, copper pots, beautiful dishes, and jars for holding dry goods. 

Fabrics for Flavor - Floral and pastoral fabrics enhance the decor, including tablecloths, curtains, pillows and cushions. Decorative tea towels hung across the kitchen enhance the country feel even more. 

Freestanding Furniture - adding freestanding cabinets, especially antiques, will add the charm you want, and will give more space for decorative clutter and storage. 

Country Sink - A country sink can add some style to the kitchen, along with its all-important function. Add in an old-fashioned faucet for a little extra appeal to the design. 

Knobs & Handles - Change out modern hardware for antique knobs and handles with a rustic charm. 

Tiles - Switch outdated tiles for new patterns to coordinate with stone countertops, to complete the look. 

Why are country kitchens popular?

Country kitchens appeal to the charm of a simpler life when everyday items were  considered beautiful. Kitchens are the heart of a home, and a popular spot to gather with friends and family for meals and socializing. By creating a charming country kitchen, you can bring love and beauty to everyone’s life. 

Modern life has many amenities, but the country offers unparalleled charm. With personalized style and a homestead feel, it’s understood why people want to bring remnants of the past into the present. The style tends to remind people of their favorite memories and the accompanying feeling of love can be associated with a house, focused around food in the kitchen. 

The idea of a country kitchen is to gather the family where activity and meals happen together. Families hoping to bring a sense of togetherness and a desire for quality time will find that the country kitchen style appeals to their innate need for connectedness.  

How can I make my kitchen look like a country kitchen?

The first step to making your kitchen comfy is to let go of preconceived notions. You can take the country charm  as far as you like. A few well-placed items can add visual details to change the charm, while a massive overhaul can give you a dream country kitchen. Start with a plan and a budget before making any decisions. 

The first step involves your kitchen cabinets. Do they offer any country charm, or will they need some help? Some cabinets only need a facelift, a coat of paint, or even some new knobs. Many country kitchens take advantage of space with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, but this would bring in major additional costs. 

Next, focus on the wall color. Choose warm neutrals for a muted appearance in a semi-gloss for easy cleaning. You have a little leeway with the color, as long as it stays neutral and compliments the rest of the room. Lighter colors will brighten the room, too, as an added bonus. Choose a light stone-colored like quartz or be bold and choose a rustic wood. Both will suit the style well. 

As the sink is a major part of a kitchen, a farmhouse sink adds undeniable ambiance with many styles to choose from. Choose matte-finished appliances to coordinate with the sink, or even choose from some new modern appliances with an old country style to bring your kitchen together. 

Glass pendant lights make a popular addition to a country kitchen. Use warm lights to keep the ambiance of the room intact. Lights with metal add charm as well. Consider adding some open shelving to display plants, plates, and glass with easy access. For the backsplash, consider clean, angular, and repetitive patterns like chevrons or subway tile. 

How do you accessorize a country kitchen?

After dealing with the built-in parts of the kitchen, it’s time to move on to the additions. Curtains reduce the light, but add to the room as a whole, especially in pastoral or farmhouse muted fabrics. Add in a table runner and tea towels to take the style up a notch. 

Seating is another important part of a country kitchen. Built-in seats around windows will improve the aesthetics and will provide space for baskets underneath. Add in a rustic wood table and chairs around the table for additional seating. Wood-topped stools around the island make room for conversations and dining. 

Finally, add in some natural storage options that are ready to function in the kitchen. Baskets can hold potatoes, old crock jars can hold utensils, and mixing bowls keep fruit on display. Hang pots on the wall and hang simple signs with sweet sayings. Be careful not to over-accessorize and reduce useful counter space past the point of functionality.

Can you hire a professional designer to design a country kitchen?

Hiring a professional designer is a great option to help you achieve your country kitchen. Typical designers come with hefty price tags, ultimately reducing the budget you’ll have for creating your quaint country kitchen. Instead, consider using a kitchen design company like Skipp to design and renovate your kitchen. Skipp can save you money throughout the process.

Skipp will start with an appointment for  a 3D scan of your kitchen. From there, your Skipp sidekick will work with you on your layouts, with personalized designs, tailored to your style and desires. 

Afterwards, we streamline construction with vetted contractors in your area, for a professionally-finished kitchen built to perfection. With renovations starting with one small deposit, you can save money with Skipp and start creating the kitchen of your dreams today. 


Changing your kitchen to a country-style requires some work. While a few accessories can add to the room, several elements work together to create an inviting space. The style adds rustic charm and worldly beauty, ready to bring families together for conversations and meals. 

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, Skipp can help, with a simple four-step system to help remove the complications associated with a kitchen redesign. You will stay a part of the process by adding personalized touches and working with our professionals ready to improve your life with the kitchen of your dreams. As a result, you can start your country kitchen now and save money, while making your kitchen more functional. 

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