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Tips to get you better contractor bids for your next kitchen project

If you are considering a remodel, you may be wondering how to get contractor bids.? 

When planning home improvement projects or remodels, one of the best places to start is with a designer. Once your plans are in place, you can move on to getting bids from contractors. 

One advantage to starting with a designer is that you will know exactly what you need by the time you get to talking with a contractor. Contractors may push to convince you on materials or solutions that are easier for them, while designers can truly work for you and listen to your needs. 

In addition, your kitchen designer may be able to connect you with trustworthy contractors in your area. Eventually, you will likely need to work with a contractor, so it’s helpful to know how contractors bid for work. Keep reading to learn more about the contractor bid process.

How do I get a bid for a kitchen renovation?

When you are looking for a professional contractor to help you complete a kitchen renovation, you may want to consider receiving a few different bids from various contractors in your area. Having more than one bid will help you to compare contractors side-by-side, to identify differences in pricing, design features, and overall visions. One contractor may see your kitchen in a whole different way than another does.. 

When you are ready to start pursuing bids for your kitchen renovation, you need to first compile a list of contractors in your area. You can ask your friends or neighbors for their recommendations, check out online directories that list licensed contractors in your area, or contact local professional associations. Once you start to reach out to potential contractors, you will want to ask three basic questions. 

First, has the contractor completed any similar kitchen projects recently, and do they have photosgraphs or a website? 

Second, can the contractor complete the job in a reasonable amount of time or are they busy with other projects? 

Last, is the contractor insured, bonded, and licensed to operate in your city or county? 

If you do not like the answers to any of these questions, simply move on to the next contractor. 

Once you narrow down your list of contractors, it is time to look for reviews, business ratings, and/or any complaints that have been filed against the contractor. There may be a great deal of information you can discover about a contractor by researching their company name. 

Check with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Google or Yelp reviews, if they exist. Take some time to read the comments to see if any patterns emerge or if any complaints went unresolved. 

Once you have narrowed down your lists of contractors even further, you are ready to begin to request bids. You may want to make anywhere from three to five bid requests to different contractors. 

When you make a bid request to a contractor, you should already have an idea of what you are looking for. If you are unable to do this on your own, you may want to request the professional services of a kitchen designer to make detailed design plans for you to present to the contractors. A kitchen designer may also have their own contractor recommendations that you could consider as well. 

In order to make sure that the bids are accurate and that you can properly compare the different bids, you will want to make sure you give each contractor the same exact detailed information. The detailed information that you may want to present to each contractor includes a detailed kitchen design, pictures of kitchen features you like, cabinet choice, placement of electrical features including outlets and switches, flooring and countertop preferences, and your timeline with working hours., etc. 

At this point,  a contractor may ask to set up a meeting with you at whichwhere they can tour the work area,  and give you more information about their company and how they operate before they draft a bid. If you think that you are compatible with them, you can then ask for a bid. 

The bid should break down the costs by labor and materials and give you an estimated start and finish date. You then will also find out how much of a deposit is required, and when and how the contractor is to be paid when certain milestones are completed. 

Carry outDo this process with all of the different contractors from whom you wish to receive bids from. Contractors will not be offended if you tell them you are taking other bids, and that you will let them know what you decide as soon as you make a final decision. 

When you make a final decision, go ahead and have the contractor draft a contract. You will , pay the deposit, and let the work begin for your new kitchen on the agreed-to date..

How do contractors bid on kitchen renovations?

When contractors prepare bids for a kitchen renovation, there are two main types of bids. There is the labor-only bid and the all-inclusive bid. 

The labor-only bid only includes the contractor cost for the demolition and installation labor related to the different aspects of the renovation. This is assuming that you will be purchasing the materials separately and that you will be responsible for the timely delivery of the materials to keep the project running smoothly.

If you work with a kitchen design firm like Skipp, you can purchase all your materials in line with your chosen kitchen design. In this way, your contractor will be providing a labor-only bid. 

Note that aAn all-inclusive bid will include the labor costs and the costs for the materials that the contractor will be responsible for sourcing. This bid includes all  and acquireding materials and products needed to complete the renovation. Keep in mind that contactors are not interior designers, so going with an all inclusive bid may cause you to stray from brands or trends you have your eye on.

What do you look out for when getting contractor bids for kitchen renovations?

When you are reviewing the different bids that you received from the various contractors, the first thing that you want to look for is how detailed the line-item bid is. You do not want to see generalities that seem vague. You want to see a breakdown of every line item.

Line items include everything from the cost of all the needed permits to the rental of the trash dumpster or on-site restroom. The more details,  the better. This will ensure that there aren’t any surprise expenses that were not discussed before the project is underway. 

How many contractor bids should you get for a kitchen renovation?

It is recommended that you request bids from at least two or three different contractors, but having bids from up to five different contractors doesn’t hurt, either. 

Having multiple bids can help you make an informed decision and get the most accurate breakdown of costs. Also, you can see how different contractors operate, and you can see who is the most available to work within your timeline.

 You might get three different bids, but only one or two contractors can start right away, while another contractor is booked a few months out. Having options is a great way to make sure you get everything that you are looking for in a professional contractor. 

What do contractors look for in a kitchen renovation before bidding?

The first thing some contractors look for before they prepare a bid is whether or not the renovation is something that they can confidently complete, and whether or not it is a job that they want to be a part of. 

The contractor may make this assessment during a walkthrough of the property. During the walkthrough, the contractor may have many questions about expectations, desires, and the scope and budget of the project. They also may be assessing the client to determine if they could become difficult to work with at any time through the project. 

After the walkthrough, the contractor then calculates the raw costs and evaluates what kind of profit margin they could potentially have. The job needs to be worth it to both the contractor and the client. If the contractor believes that the renovation can be profitable and that they are qualified to complete it, then they can prepare a detailed bid at the client’s request. 

How do you find the contractor bid with the best value?

When you are reviewing multiple bids from various contractors, you may want to make sure you are choosing the best value contractor, rather than the cheapest. 

Best value is determined by more factors than simply price. You will want to consider the quality of work, experience, and expertise. Customer reviews will become very important to see what kind of work they have completed in the past, and how happy they were with the service and the finished product. 


Before contacting a contractor, you should work with a kitchen designer to create your kitchen design and construction plans. At Skipp, you can work with professional designers from the comfort of your own home in a virtual renovation process that will be fun, thorough and enjoyable. 

Skipp allows you to visualize 3D design projections of your space. With the guidance of a professional interior designer, you can experience the design ofcontribute to your dream kitchen, without breaking the bank. With Skipp’s insider experience knowledge in of kitchen renovations, you will save time and money during the renovation process.

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