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Should you Choose a Kitchen Renovation or Remodel?

It is common to use the words “remodel” and “renovation” interchangeably, but if you are planning a total revamp of your home, it’s important to know the difference. Both projects can help to rejuvenate your kitchen, but the two tasks require very different skill sets and tools. 

Before you start reaching out to contractors or head to the hardware store, it’s a good idea to get an idea of what renovating or remodeling your room will look like, financially and logistically.


What is a kitchen renovation?

Renovation is the practice of improving the interior state of an already-existing kitchen. It is the replacement of certain components in that room while maintaining its original basic structure and design. A renovation will usually come in the form of repainting, refacing kitchen cabinets, replacing, or adding new hardware, replacing tiles or linoleum or reflooring entirely.

In short, renovating a kitchen is a great way to refresh the room without having to alter its overall layout. It typically doesn’t require knocking through of walls, raising ceilings or ripping out the old kitchen cabinets in their entirety. A kitchen renovation can be relatively small – a simple revamp of cabinets with some paint and a new floor counts.


What is a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel is where you rip out the old kitchen and start with a blank slate. It is far more involved and costly than a renovation and usually takes a lot longer. During a remodeling project, the design and functionality of the room may change completely. In today’s interior designing taste, it is common for people to take down the wall between the kitchen, living room and dining room, to give a more light, open-plan feel. Kitchen remodeling is more heavy-duty than kitchen renovation and is carried out when a room needs changing entirely. 

Examples of things done as part of a kitchen remodel may include expanding the overall square footage of a room, changing the location of your sink, removing or adding walls. The effects of a remodeled kitchen are inherently more drastic and are a popular option for those who are planning to live in the same house for a significant amount of time or those who have bought an older property.


What are the main differences between a kitchen remodel and renovation?

A kitchen renovation is far less complicated and is often something you can do on a small scale yourself. In other words, it’s not uncommon for people to paint their own walls, cabinets or replace the odd tile.

However, a remodel tends to involve more drastic measures and involves planners, architects, electricians, contractors and potentially even lawyers, in the case of older, state-protected houses.

The fundamental difference between a kitchen remodel, and a renovation is that remodeling changes the structure of the room, whereas renovation is much lighter work that can be done bit-by-bit. Both options have their benefits, and both can be excellent ways of rejuvenating an old kitchen, on budgets and time scales of all kinds. 


Which is more expensive: a kitchen remodel or a kitchen renovation?

Remodels are typically more expensive than a renovation, because of the professionals required and the materials needed to carry out the project. Remodels can take weeks or months to complete, so most remodels start at $15,000 and increase depending on the individual remodel.

If you renovate your kitchen by painting the cabinets, replacing the floor and backsplash, it may only set you back $1,000-$3,000, depending on your choice of floor, tile, and ability to do it yourself.


What are the benefits of a kitchen renovation?

Renovation is usually more DIY-friendly and is often a more attractive route for those who have some experience in painting, tiling, and flooring. Here are some of the benefits:

·   You can complete it quickly – If all you want to do is give your kitchen a revamp, you can realistically do a fast DIY renovation in a weekend or two. You can paint cabinets or replace doors, cover or replace the backsplash, and replace the floor.

·   Generally, your kitchen will continue to be usable throughout the renovation.

·   A kitchen renovation is much more budget friendly. Both because the changes are smaller, and so cost less, and because you don’t need a lot of money saved to start.  


What are the benefits of a kitchen remodel?

Remodeling is the best choice if your kitchen is in disrepair or if you want to completely redesign the layout, perhaps be taking out walls. Here are the benefits:

·   Remodeling a kitchen increases a home’s market value when the time comes to sell it. Kitchens are expensive – and most people buying a new property don’t want to have to remodel the moment they move in. The kitchen is also a huge selling point in family homes, since the kitchen is often the heart of the home.

·   Modern kitchen design also incorporates more storage space, making use of height and stacked cupboards. If you find your cabinets or pantry overflowing, a remodel will give you more space to work with.

·   You can make it feel more spacious, even if it currently feels cramped. The “traffic flow” of your kitchen can make it feel cramped and uncomfortable. By redesigning and rerouting that traffic flow, you can reinvigorate your kitchen, giving it a new and spacious atmosphere.

·   You can fix problems with building design. Remodeling can be more beneficial to homes that are designed poorly for modern life. Kitchens have become bigger, more stylish, and more practical. If you live in an older home, often only a remodel will bring it into the 21st century.

·   You can ensure all wiring and plumbing is in good condition. You’ll be able to replace anything that’s working poorly, and you can install new energy efficient appliances.  


How do I choose which is the best option for me?

Deciding on whether to remodel or renovate your kitchen is an important decision and one that you should consider carefully. You should take into consideration your budget, the timeline you’d like to work towards, and what your overall goal is. If you’re working with a tight budget and would like to carry out parts of the project yourself, with other parts done by a contractor, a renovation is your best bet. 

When you’re planning out your expenditure, you may want to consider the following elements:

  • Materials needed (paint, wood, flooring, linoleum, tiles, glue)
  • Labor fees (construction, contractors, architects)
  • Appliances, hardware and electrical fixtures
  • Any permits you may need, in the case of a remodeling project
  • The current size of your kitchen and the desired size if combining two rooms 

You should also consider carrying out a renovation if you want something done quickly, as there are fewer proverbial hoops to jump through. If you’re not concerned about money or personnel and have a longer time frame to work with, you’ll likely want to look into remodeling.

The interior redesigning option you choose should also depend on what your long-term plans are for your home. Generally, quick renovations can offer you a better return on investment than leaving it as it, because the money you’ll put into renovating your kitchen may be less than the increase in your home’s value. However, if you’ve just moved into a new home and want to improve your kitchen in the long-term, you should consider a full kitchen remodel. 

If you still aren’t sure which will be best for you, there’s no harm in getting quotes for the different options! Talking to kitchen designers will help you decide if you need to start with a blank slate, or if you would be better off working with what you have.


Whether You’re Planning a Renovation or Remodel, Talk to Skipp

Kitchen remodels can be intimidating, but often a renovation doesn’t feel like enough. If you’re still on the fence or are simply worried about the investment of a brand-new kitchen, we can help.

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