Easy Kitchen Project Plan Templates


Easy Kitchen Project Plan Templates

Could your kitchen use some love? Whether your units are looking shabby (without the chic) or just aren’t your style, it may be time to start remodeling your kitchen.

The thing is, for all the pinning you can do of dream kitchens on Pinterest, actually starting a kitchen remodel project is incredibly difficult! You can plan all day long, but if you’ve never remodeled a kitchen before, you’re going to feel out at sea.

That’s why we’ve created numerous kitchen remodel layouts – our kitchen remodel plans make it easier than ever to embark on your kitchen remodel. Our plans come from top designers and we’ll work with you, your budget, and your kitchen to ensure you end up with something you adore.


How Do You Redesign Your Kitchen Layout?

When you are looking at redesigning your kitchen, there are some design basics you need to consider:



All kitchens have a certain amount of traffic (aka people and pets) moving around. If the design doesn’t take account you’ll constantly be tripping over other people. At best, you’ll be irritated whenever someone else is in the kitchen with you. At worst, food will end up on the floor.  

You need to consider how many people may be in the kitchen at one time on a regular basis. Do you cook together? Do you typically eat in your kitchen? Do you have a separate pantry? Will people walking to the refrigerator have to squeeze past someone using the stove?

Some of us simply have small spaces to work with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work to maximize the floor space.


The Work Triangle

Even if a modern kitchen design doesn’t follow the traditional idea of the “Work Triangle”, it is still important to consider how you’ll move between those 3 important zones. The main activities in your kitchen will be Cooking, Cleaning Up, and Storage. You need to make them flow together and make movement between activities as easy as possible.

The refrigerator and sink should be accessible to others without impinging on the cooking area.


Storage Areas

Where are you going to store your pans and cooking dishes so they are handy for the stove? Can you put silverware, plates, and dishes near to the sink and dishwasher so they are easy to put away? You’ll need to arrange food storage away from too much heat. Perhaps you want to have some open shelves for display as part of your kitchen design.



Make sure your kitchen has enough worktop space for all the things you do. From complicated food preparation to making coffee and getting breakfast. You may want to have a Kitchen Island and you may also need space for some kitchen gadgets.



If you want to incorporate a table or breakfast bar for eating in your kitchen you’ll need to think about space for chairs or stools and how this can be kept out of traffic areas.


That’s quite a lot to think about when you want to be sure your kitchen remodel is perfect! 


Skipp’s unique design service takes the hassle out of planning your new kitchen. Our Kitchen Remodel Layouts are personalized to your needs and aspirations. We can produce hundreds of options that will work perfectly in your kitchen space so all you need to do is pick one you love and tailor it perfectly to your needs!


Kitchen Remodel Layouts

What are the 6 Main Types of Kitchen Layouts?

1.    The One Wall or Linear Kitchen: usually found in small apartments, this kitchen layout can still incorporate many features in a pleasing design.

2.    The Galley Kitchen: has two rows of cabinets facing each other creating a single passage between them. Another great choice for small apartments and condos.

3.    The L-Shaped Kitchen: this layout can work in large and small kitchens. The open shape gives more floor space but it needs some special solutions for the corner cabinets.

4.    The U-Shaped Kitchen: works well in larger kitchens and needs careful design not to feel too enclosing. Makes organizing the work triangle easy.

5.    L-Shape Layout with Island: as above with an island that can include a hob, sink, refrigerator, and seats to make a social area.

6.    Peninsular Kitchen: same as the kitchen island in function but the extra worktop extends out from the other kitchen units. 


What is the Most Efficient Kitchen Layout?

From the list above there is no one layout that is more efficient than the others, because every kitchen is different! It depends entirely on the size and shape of the available room and the way you want to use it.

With one in-person 30-minute scan, we’ll take a precise 3D measurement of your kitchen. Then we take into account your lifestyle needs, such as:

·         Whether you have children or intend to

·         Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home or simply functional

·         Whether you love cooking and baking (or want to love it!)

·         How much storage you need

·         Whether you have additional space such as a utility room or separate pantry

·         Other features you’d love to have

We will provide you with custom layout recommendations for your kitchen remodel. We will find the most efficient solution for the space you have available and the way you live in your kitchen, so you can simply focus on the aesthetics and features.


How Much Does it Cost to Change a Kitchen Layout?

For a mid-range kitchen remodel from design plans and managed by a competent contractor, the US average is $66,200.

With Skipp, you can save an average of 40%, with kitchens starting at $20,000 and most costing $30,000 to $40,000. That includes a kitchen remodel project plan template tailored to you, plus access to top designers and specially vetted contractors. We will even provide support if you decide to DIY using our plans.


What Should You Not Forget When Planning A Kitchen Layout?

Here are a few things you must remember when you’re planning your dream kitchen:

·         Make sure you’ve got enough counter space for all your needs

·         Make sure you’ve planned for all the storage you’ll need. Don’t forget there are cooking utensils, serving dishes, plates, and bowls, silverware, etc. and you’ll also need food storage

·         Think about lighting. You’re going to need good light for food preparation. Recessed lighting under wall units creates a great atmosphere, and you may want special lighting over an eating area

·         Don’t forget you’ll need somewhere to hide your trash. You may want to conceal them in a cupboard

·         Ventilation is important, so think about how your dream layout can fit into your current kitchen – we can help here!


Can You Remodel and Plan Your New Kitchen Yourself?

Now we’ve looked at all the things you need to consider when making kitchen remodel plans you can see the amount of work involved. That’s without considering the measuring and 3D designing that is necessary if you don’t want to struggle throughout the remodel.

If you’re spending money on a new dream kitchen, it’s really worth using Skipp to make sure it’s done right the first time. Our kitchen remodel project templates show you all the layout options to choose from and we can help you pinpoint the style you want from our design collections.

If you want to do the labor yourself, Skipp can provide support for DIYers. Labor is typically 35% of the project budget, so it’s a great way to save money provided you’ve got the skills!  


How Do You Plan Your Own Kitchen Remodel?

Your kitchen is just about the most important room in your house. It’s where the family all get together, it’s where your friends may come to chat over drinks while you’re making dinner. You can say a lot about your personality in your choice of kitchen and it can be a space that gives you a lot of pleasure and relaxation time in your daily life.

Our 4-step process will help you start your kitchen remodel as soon as possible. Simply head to our homepage www.skipprenovation.com to get started. You’ll then be guided through our simple 4-part process:

1) Book Your 3D Measurements – just one in-person 30-minute scan of your kitchen is all we need to get precise measurements.

2) We’ll Generate Hundreds of Layouts - we will produce custom remodel layout plans and narrow them down to suit your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

3) You’ll Work with a Top Designer – want a kitchen worthy of it’s own Instagram account or ready to go viral on Pinterest? That’s what our designers can do for you!

4) Start Construction – Our highly vetted partners will start construction and leave you with a top-quality kitchen you’ll be proud to call your own.

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