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How To Save Money On A Kitchen Remodel

Your home can be transformed by kitchen remodeling by giving it a vivid, fresh new design. It's for this reason that it's one of the most popular home renovation tasks. However, the most significant disadvantage is the expensive cost. With a few smart choices, you can get the kitchen of your dreams in your dream budget, but you may need to make a few sacrifices. 

Can I save money on a kitchen remodel?

Saving money on a kitchen remodel can seem daunting, but it is possible. Below we will discuss some of the options but first, let's talk about why you should save money on your remodel. To start, less work means less time without your kitchen, meaning you will save money on eating out. 

Additionally, saving money on your kitchen means less stress for you as you do not need to worry as much about finances in the process of remodeling. Finally, small changes can save you money and make less waste for the landfills, making cost-saving options more environmentally friendly. 

How can I reduce the cost of a kitchen remodel?

Kitchens can be costly to remodel because of workers, plumbing, lighting, gas, electricity, fixtures, cabinets, and more. However, saving money is possible. While the project can seem overwhelming, here are a few cost-effective ways to save money and still get a new kitchen.  

First, instead of buying new cabinets, refresh the cabinets you have. All tear-out-and-replace projects cost more than initiatives that reuse the majority of the materials. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly (because the old cabinets won't wind up in a landfill) and cost-effective options to renew your existing cabinets. Consider painting, refacing, changing the hardware, or new shelving instead of new cabinetry. 

Second, instead of getting new appliances that will fill up landfills, consider refurbishing your own appliances or paying a professional to fix them instead. Many appliances are now computerized and often easier to fix than you think, with options for video guidance online. 

Third, keep the same kitchen layout to prevent the need to change walls, lines, plumbing, and gas or electricity. Changing the layout can dramatically increase the cost as everything requires moving, and new walls, pipes, and more will drive up expenses. This option even allows you to keep the existing floor and may get a professional cleaning or paint the floor. 

Fourth, you are handy with tools, you can do some of the work yourself and save massive amounts of money on labor and construction. You can do the painting, tiling, flooring, changing outlets and lights, hang drywall, and even install baseboards and trim. With access to so much information, you can do quite a bit of work yourself if you have the free time available. 

Finally, you can save money by looking for lower-cost finishes for your kitchen. Many times you can find discount stores with high-quality items for less. While it may take work, saving money on your kitchen can happen so you can have your dream kitchen for less. 

Where are the best places to save money on a kitchen remodel?

Refacing the existing kitchen cabinets and keeping the same layout are the best places to save money on a kitchen remodel. Additionally, you can keep your current appliances to save some money. Changing the cabinets without putting in new allows for creativity such as adding molding, new hardware, changing the color, and much more. 

Another option to save money also allows creativity with DIY countertops with cement, laminate, or other options. Also, you can buy refurbished, floor models, and discount stores. Hardware and paint can change the look of a kitchen with very little money involved. Lastly, choose timeless designs that never go out of style. 

Doing part of the work yourself is one of the most common ways to save money on a kitchen makeover. This is a terrific strategy if you have the necessary abilities and resources, but it is unrealistic for most individuals. If you plan to handle part of the work yourself, ensure sure your DIY skills are up to par with your goals. After all, if you have to engage pros to remedy your novice mistakes, doing a poor job may end up costing you more in the long run.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Kitchen cabinetry is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, taking up to fifty percent of the budget. Even in a relatively simple refurbishment with a budget of around $30,000, it can cost up to $15,000. Because of the scale and foundational aspects, the cabinets can eat up your entire budget in no time. Many people save money on cabinetry by choosing a refacing instead. 

Why can kitchen remodels be so expensive?

Kitchens are by far the most expensive room in the house since they require a high level of finish and materials (countertops, tile, and cabinetry) and additional financial demands owing to plumbing, electric, and mechanical requirements. There are also appliances and plumbing fittings to consider. It might be exceedingly difficult to stick to a moderate budget with the ever-increasing alternatives available in terms of finishes, features, and aesthetics.

How much money should I save for a kitchen remodel?

Kitchen remodeling costs are typically perplexing to homeowners. Because each project has unique needs, features, quirks, and solutions, it's difficult to determine accurate pricing for a comprehensive kitchen makeover. You can choose between cheap and premium materials when it comes to materials. On top of that, various installers charge different fees for similar services across the country. 

It's tough to determine how much your kitchen remodeling project will cost right away. However, you should begin planning your remodeling budget as soon as possible. We've included the expenses of a typical kitchen remodel to help you get started. We also provide budget benchmarks, cost breakdowns for kitchen remodeling, and renovation cost-cutting strategies.

While the exact estimate may be hard to pinpoint, you can expect to spend an average of $20,000 to $50,000 for a medium-sized kitchen, at least for a starting point. Your remodeling budget will be determined by factors such as where you reside, the value of your property, the products you choose, and the extent of your job. 

Do you want to completely renovate your kitchen, including shifting utilities and moving walls? It will be more expensive than merely replacing the appliances and cabinets in the existing layout. On average, cabinets will take 30 percent, appliances 16 percent, installation 13 percent, countertop 12 percent, electrical and lighting 10 percent, plumbing 5 percent, flooring 5 percent, backsplash 5 percent, and miscellaneous about 4 percent. 

Is there a best time of year to remodel a kitchen to save money?

Winter is not the traditional remodeling season, making it more affordable because it's the slow season for contractors, and they are more willing to work on prices to get work in the slow times. Winter remodels can take longer because of less light and the holidays. 

Plants and babies start popping up in the spring, and this happens to be the best time to remodel your kitchen. Why? Because the weather is better making it easier for your to cook on the barbecue. Make sure to start planning your spring remodel early to get a contractor. 

Summer tends to be too hot for labor but can be a great time for a remodel as most everything is done inside for a kitchen remodel. Also, summer brings tons of natural light, which can also help pick the right colors. Fall is another popular time because of the extra light. 

Is it worth saving money on a kitchen remodel?

Only you can decide if saving money is worth it on a kitchen remodel. First, you will need to decide what is more valuable, money or time. If you have enough time to plan and research and even do some work, saving money may be beneficial. Second, you will need to decide what else you need to spend your money on, such as a vacation, paying bills, reducing your mortgage, college for your children, and so on. 

Why does hiring a professional designer help save money on a kitchen remodel?

If your kitchen does not flow, you want to add value to your house, want all the latest technology, are renovating an older home, want a complete overhaul or your kitchen is tiny and cramped, consider hiring a professional designer for your kitchen redesign. Professionals can organize all of the various parts, from employees to plumbing, and create functional designs. 

Long-term business ties with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and others are common, resulting in better prices and finished products. Furthermore, a professional can add long-term worth to your home, improving its quality. Finally, the remodel can be a selling point if you ever decide to sell. 

While it may appear that doing a remodel yourself is less expensive, it is not without the contacts and understanding of what to do and what to avoid. Also, your time is vital; therefore, if time is more important to you than money, delegate the remodeling timeline to someone else. Professionals can do a makeover faster and for less money than the average homeowner while still providing a higher-quality completed result.


In conclusion, it is feasible to design an attractive and useful kitchen without breaking the budget. Simply keep an open mind, make informed decisions, and stay within your budget. It's possible that your dream kitchen is more affordable than you think!

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